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2013. március 15-re tervezett Szezonnyitó a rossz időjárás miatt elmarad.

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 Dátum: Március 15, 2018, 12:19:52  
Indította SanDiablo - Utolsó üzenet: írta cobranco
Egy filmes program az ünnepekre.Akit érdekel,újra egy csipetnyi Montenegro,ezúttal a sport lesz a főszereplő a Balkán-régió egyik leglátványosabb B.I.G.-feladatának,a Lovcén Nemzeti Park,Njegoj-csúcsának a meghódítása:

A mai epizódban szereplőink megpróbálják ?odatenni? magukat.Kénytelek is,mivel a Kotori-öböl fölött magasodó emblematikus hegytömb,a Lovcén,nem csupán látványvilágában egyedülálló,hanem igen kemény feladat is.Légifelvételek készítése repülés nélkül,irdatlan lejtőzések szintén repülés nélkül/vagy igen?/,egy oltári zabálás szintén a napirendi pontok között szerepel?

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qig7OgArpo0" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qig7OgArpo0</a>

Donji Stoliv-Prcanj-Muo-Kotor-Tojica-Zanev Do-Krstac hágó/894m/-Jezersky vrh/Njegosev Mavzolej 1657m/-Ivanova-Korita Bielosi-Ulici-Cetinje-Petrovici-Rijeka Crnojevica



Kellemes ünnepeket!

 Dátum: Március 12, 2018, 06:51:04  
Indította miil231 - Utolsó üzenet: írta miil231
Dongguan City TopShow Garment Co., Ltd. was established in 2015, it has been a professional fashion clothing manufacturer since 2005. We are located in the fashion capital of China---Humen Town. It takes only 50 minutes' drive to the ports of Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Hong Kong.
Quality is our culture, customers' satisfaction is what we pursue. We offer OEM&ODM and Customized design and manufacture services. We are mainly devoted in Western Style fast fashion garments in Mid-High Grade. One-Stop Garment Manufacture Service specialize in Dresses, Skirts, T-Shirts, Shirts, Tops, Pants, Hoodies, Jackets and Coats, Maternity Clothes, Swimming Wear, etc.
Our company integrates designing, manufacturing and sale. Factories Occupies 1,000 square meters, we have advanced production equipment and more than 100 experienced workers, delivery time is 15-25 days. We have our own design team and sample makers, we source materials from China biggest fabrics market-Guangzhou ZhongDa, which is beneficial for us to follow up the latest fashion styles and meet different customers' requirements.
Our enterprise mission is that "Let the world love Made in China", "Hard-working, Efficient, Strict, Perfect" are our working attitude. With the development and improvement of year's production, "HIGH QUALITY, COMFORT, FASHION" have become our products features. Our business has been successfully expanding to 108 overseas countries and regions including USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Span, Australia, etc. "Trustworthy, Professional, Ethic, Brand Quality, Efficient, Customer Care" are the reputations given by our clients.
We are looking forward to establishing a long-term cooperation relationship with friends from all over the world.
Any inquiries will be replied within 12 working hours. Please do not hesitate to contact us.
TOPSHOW GARMENT----Your Premier Supplier!
Product Application:Daily wear.
Production Equipment:Single needle machine, Double needles machine, 4 needles machine, Button holing machine, Button machine, Bar-tack machine, Other special stitching machine, Fabric shrinkage machine, Fabric Inspecting machine, Digital printing machine, Screen printing machine, Embroidery machine.
Production Market:
Main MarketsTotal Revenue(%)
North America45.00%
Western Europe13.00%
Eastern Asia5.00%
Mid East5.00%
Northern Europe5.00%
South Asia5.00%
Southeast Asia5.00%
South America5.00%
Southern Europe3.00%
Eastern Europe2.00%
Domestic Market1.00%
Our service:
Our sales team good skill in English to know customer?s demands, they will always give professional suggestions for developing perfect products.
Our professional production team with 10 years OEM experiences to support the quality and designs match your markets.
We are doing business based on trust, and aim at long-term partnership, 100% refund for any defected items.Stone Washed T-shirts

 Dátum: Március 12, 2018, 06:49:55  
Indította miil231 - Utolsó üzenet: írta miil231
Our History 
Founded in 1985, Carlife Automobile Equipment started as a Hydraulic Mechanical Products Manufacturer in Yantai,ShanDong Province China. Owning the NO.1 professional hydraulic designing team with 30 years history, we can provide personalized solutions for you. Also We can together research and develop in the field of hydraulic and pneumatic technology.
Based on hydraulic technology, in 1992, we started our metal sheet factory in Qingdao to assemble hydraulic mechanical products. From 2004, Carlife has been serving automobile maintenance industry. By now, products mainly include light duty car lifts ,motorcycle lifts, collision repair system, heavy duty hydraulic jacks, light duty hydraulic tools,exhaust extractions, etc. We built our brother brand ?KWAL? in 2015 to focus on air hydraulic jacks designing and manufacturing.
Our philosophy: Focus and Innovation.
Our Factory 
We have two factories. Headquarter Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturing located in Yantai, and Automobile Maintenance Equipments manufacturing factory in Qingdao. 
Our Product 
Heavy Duty Air Hydraulic Jacks, Passenger Car Maintenance Lifts, Passenger Car Parking Lifts, Harley Motorcycle Lifts, ATV Lifts, Motorcycle Lifts, Exhaust Extraction, Exhaust Hose Reels, Mobile Exhaust Extractions, Vacuum Machines, Spraying Booth, Shop Press, Trolley Jacks, Floor Jacks.
Product Application 
Passenger Car Repair and Maintenance, Home Car Parking, Home Car Storage, Motorcycle Repair and Maintenance, Personal Car Repair and Maintenance.
Our Certificate 
Hydraulic design and manufacturing:
Obtained ISO9001 certificate in 2000;
Passed ABS authentication in 2002;
Honored as national enterprise with outstanding contribution to industry standards establishing in 2008;
Awarded as High-tech enterprise of Shandong Province in 2010;
Brand FAST became famous brand of Shandong Province in 2011;
Hydraulic cylinders recognized as brand product of Shandong Province in 2012;
Became technical centre of Yantai enterprises in 2012;
Became pneumatic engineering R&D centre of Yantai in 2013;
Won the title of national enterprise with outstanding contribution to industry standard establishing again in 2013;
Acquired ISO/TS16949 certification in 2014;
Developed into enterprises' technical centre of Shandong Province in 2014;
Council member of HPSA, Council member of CAAM, Member of CHINA ASSOCIATION OF URBAN ENVIRONMENTAL SANITATION, member of National Rubber & Plastic Machine Information Center.
Production Equipment 
Our hydraulic workshops are equipped with over 418 sets of manufacturing units and testing units including various universal machining tools, NC machines, welding equipments, special type machines and inspection tools.
Production Market 
Our hydraulic cylinders mainly exported to America, Europe and Asia for the world famous brands. And automobile maintenance equipments are exported to America, Australia, South Africa, Asia and Europe.
Our Service 
We have set up sales center in Qingdao.
Reply within 4 hour; On site within 24 hours; Unconditional replacement and return within warranty period; Life time repair guarantee. High Quality Brake Disc Lathe

 Dátum: Március 12, 2018, 06:49:49  
Indította miil231 - Utolsó üzenet: írta miil231
Wuxi Kangda Printing and Dyeing Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful scenery of the coast of Taihu Lake, the famous Qianzhou Town, our plant has been more than 20 years of history. Have a complete set of management system and a number of outstanding business management personnel. Set textile printing and dyeing equipment development, manufacture, production through-train service.
Sophisticated processing equipment and improve the quality system so that our company won a wide range of markets, products not only all over our country, but also exported to Southeast Asia, Arabia, Russia and other places. Companies not only provide excellent dyeing and finishing equipment, but also to provide users with the configuration of equipment and dyeing and finishing process.
My company uphold people I have, I have excellent production concepts, product pursuit of excellence, quality and reputation will always be the first.
Welcome to visit our company, hope to help you!
Our Certifications
Our Customers
Our Advantages
1. We have a lot experience of manufacturing;
2. Delivery in time;
3. We can export by ourselves,help you save the budget;
4.Provide the full set of technical support.
Our Service
1. We provide free technical service about casting parts and application issues.
2. Free on-site touring and introduction of our factory.
3. We provide process design and validation for free.
4. We can guarantee on-time delivery of samples and goods.
5. Close follow-up of all orders by special person and keep customers informed timely.
6. All after-sale request will be responded in 24 hours.   NTNP Hank Yarn Jet Dyeing Machine for sale

 Dátum: Március 12, 2018, 06:49:43  
Indította miil231 - Utolsó üzenet: írta miil231
Our History
● 2006-A small wheelchair accessory manufacturer, Kunshan JT Automatic Equipment Co.,Ltd. is acquired and run as a family business focused on industry-leading quality.
● 2013-Do research and develop on electric wheelchair, introduce one new design electric wheelchair (heavy duty).
● 2015-Based on consumer need, JT introduces the lightweight electric wheelchair. It is recognized as among the most functional, maneuverable and natural-feeling power chairs ever designed.
● 2017-JT introduces its super lightweight electric wheelchair, making consumers easy to travel. 
  Small Motorized Chairs manufacturers

 Dátum: Március 12, 2018, 06:49:36  
Indította miil231 - Utolsó üzenet: írta miil231
Positive-negative Cage Off Load
Pad-mount transformers are available in various electrical and mechanical configurations. Pad-mount transformers operate on medium-voltage distribution systems, up to about 35 kV. The low-voltage winding matches the customer requirement and may be single-phase or three-phase.
Pad-mount transformers are (nearly always) oil-filled units and so must be mounted outdoors only. The core and coils are enclosed in a steel oil-filled tank, with terminals for the transformer accessible in an adjacent lockable wiring cabinet. The wiring cabinet has high and low voltage wiring compartments. High and low voltage underground cables from below enter the terminal compartments directly. The top of the tank has a cover secured with carriage bolt-nut assemblies. The wiring cabinet has sidewalls on two ends with doors that open sideways to expose the high and low voltage wiring compartments.
Three-phase pad-mounted transformers range in sizes from 75 kVA up to 5000 kVA with voltages ranging from 2,400 up to 34,500 delta or wye. Low-voltage pad-mounted range in size from 208y/120 through 24,940y/14,000.
Model Explanation
 WSL□ □/□-□╳□
    W:  off-circuit
    S :  three-phase
    L :  cage type
    □:  voltage regulation model   
    □:  rated current
    □:  rated voltage
    □:  number of tapping heads
    □:  number of tapping position
Voltage Regulation Model
    I  :  linear regulating
    II :   central point
    III :  neutral point
   IV :  Y-△ conversion
    V :   series-parallel connection
   VI:   positive and negative regulation
Samples Technical Data
Performance parameters Rated voltage KVInstallation level(kV)Sealing performance
Power frequency(KV/1min)Impulse(1.2/50us)
To earthInter PhaseInter ContactTo earthInter Phase
1042421875750.25MPa 24h
35959530230230Off-load Tap Selector

 Dátum: Március 12, 2018, 06:49:23  
Indította miil231 - Utolsó üzenet: írta miil231
Fishing heat shrink tubing
KeHong  A-2(NS)
Flexible, single wall, low shrinkage temperature, special textured non Slip heat Shrink Tubing.
Skid proof flower lined heat shrink tubing is made of high-polymer with scientific formula, via advanced technology processing. It has the advantage of environment friendly, flexible, skid proof, perfect appearance, fast shrinkage, and stable performance.
Application and Spec.:
Widely used in fishing and sports, fishing tackle, sports fittings, health equipment and commodities, etc.
1. Shrink ratio: 2:1
2. Shrinking temperature: Start at 70°C, and full recovery at 110°C
3. Operating temperature:-55°C~105°C
Application Photo
Packing Photo
Standard packing: 1m/pcs, we can cut the non shrink heat shrink tube into short pieces based on special requirement.Non Slip Heat Shrink Tubing price

 Dátum: Március 12, 2018, 06:49:14  
Indította miil231 - Utolsó üzenet: írta miil231
High Throwing Power Cyanide-free Alkaline Zinc Plating
ZN-265 alkaline zinc plating additive is a kind of brightener concentrated by a variety of polyamine compound. It can produce a smooth, bright, delicate and flexible zinc plating layer in alkaline non-cyanide zinc plating solution, and can completely replace the traditional cyanide zinc plating.
I. Properties
1, Electroplating can be carried out in a wide range of zinc metal content 5.5-18.5 g/L.
2, Can make the workpiece surface bright and decorative even the temperature up to 48 ℃.
3, Excellent covering capacity and dispersing ability in low current region, especially for some complex workpieces for rack plating. Such as pipes, fittings and computer shell.
4, Good dispersion capacity. High current density: low current density can reach 1.5. It can shorten the plating time and reach a minimum standard of coating thickness. Can improve the efficiency of the use of zinc.
5, Good tolerance with the impurities in the bath such as calcium, magnesium, iron, lead, cadmium and chromium.
6, It is suitable for low current density of barrel plating and wide current density range of rack plating.
7, Easy to accept various passivation post treatments.
II. Technical Formulation & Operation Condition
ComponentPhysical parametersConsumption
ZnO (g/L)10~20 (the best 15g/L)/
NaOH (g/L)100~140 (the best 130g/L)/
Zn-265A brightener (ml/L)10-1480~180ml/KAH
Zn-265B additive (ml/L) 0.5-2ml/L30~80ml/KAH
Zn-265C purifier (ml/L)2-4ml/LUsually no need add. When high impurities content or adding sodium hydroxide, it should be added properly.
Operation condition: Temperature
                                  Anode area ratio
Rack plating: Cathode current density
                           Cathode move
Barrel plating: Cathode current density
                           Barrel speed
0# zinc plate
0.5~8 A/dm2
8~12 time/min
0.5~8 A/dm2
6~8 time/min/Cyanide-free Alkaline Zinc Plating Made in China

 Dátum: Március 12, 2018, 06:49:03  
Indította miil231 - Utolsó üzenet: írta miil231
Established in 2005, FMAKITCHEN has continually been committed to providing high quality, competitively priced and advanced professional kitchen equipment to the world. Our strong emphasis on customer satisfaction and continual innovation has seen our products exported to over 60 countries. From fryer to steamer, From ice maker to cold room, From tap to Dishwasher, FMAKITCHEN has the solution for all your professional kitchen requirements.
Equipped with advanced processing and test equipment, we own strong technical strength and have a group of senior professional engineering technicians and well-trained workers. Custom fabrication and continuous innovation is our advantage.
Our product range including: Cooking Equipment, Bakery Equipment, Snack Equipment, Refrigeration Equipment, Warmer Equipment, Displays Equipment, Food Processing Equipment, Dishwasher & Accessories, Kitchen Furniture, Packing Equipment, Hotel Supplies, Complementary products
Our equipment are widely used in shops, bars, restaurants, hotels, canteen, supermarkets, schools, hospital, corporate and government organizations.
Most of our product with CE certificates, some with CB,ETL,UL,SAA,ROHS,LFGB and so on.
Our products are exported to Europe and the United States, the Middle East, Asia, Central and South America and Africa, more than 60 countries and regions. Our exports are continuing grow rapidly since established.
Customers are our long-term business partners. We definitely distinguish ourselves from other companies by helping our clients to grow and develop their business step by step. Our service as below:
After receiving inquiry, we will response promptly. Seriously and carefully reply to all clients?questions, and will give out reference information as much as possible, at the same time, we will give reasonable suggestion based on our long-term experience.
In the implementation of the order process, will promptly inform the progress of production and goods ready time and so on.
We will track the usage statue or feedback from clients. If technical guidance is required, the assistance will be provided as soon as possible. In case parts need to be replaced, if within the warranty period, the brand new parts will be courier to client as soon as possible, if out of the warranty period, we will just charge the client the purchase cost of the parts and provide the parts to clients a.s.a.p.Customized Electric Single Tank Spaghetti Boiler

 Dátum: Március 12, 2018, 06:47:10  
Indította miil231 - Utolsó üzenet: írta miil231
Established in 2010 and witnessing 9 years of consistent growth as a business, WOW Display has flourished as a producer of in-shop brand communication tools and cardboard displays. Through our merchandising support to Walmart, Costco, P&G, Kinder, Nivea and so on famous brands, We helped many a brands improve their presence & sales in the global market.
WOW Display has a wide range of her POS display line, from temporary to permanent material as well as variety of designs, such as counter displays(CDU), dump bin, floor displays(FSDU), pallet displays, hang sell display, sidekick display, hook display and so on.
So far, WOW owning her full set of production lines including printing, die cutting, gluing, mounting and packaging machine, so, all your work will be run in house, which will ensure the lead time and quality better for you. Especially, WOW Display passed the ISO9001, SGS in 2012, set up her own QC team which had been applying 100% inspections system for all production process from then.
Our mission is to make the display and provide the service that will give you a ?WOW?!
Auto Cutting MachineContainer LoadingOffice
Printing MachineShowing RoomWarehouse
           Counter Display

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